Our Products

We supply single pallets quantities from our UK stores to larger quantities, including container loads direct from the ports. We repack from bulk cartons into smaller packs for food service companies, and supply own label brands packed at origin.


Conventional Coffee

TRC Specialty Commodities source coffee from origin and deliver it to our clients where ever they require. With most of the trading team having lived at origin we have remained very close to the source currently having operations in Ethiopia, Vietnam, Kenya, & Cote d’Ivoire and trade coffees from over 25 different origins.

Specialty Coffee
Our specialty coffee is purchased from a wide range of origin countries where we buy direct from farmers and co-ops. Having access to such a range of origins and their coffee allows us to really provide our clients with what it is that they need. Not only does this allow for the development of fundamental client based relationships, it also allows for their customers to experience a wide range of specialty coffees from unique farms across the globe.

Direct Trade
We provide a service package for your direct origin suppliers that is transparent and fully compliant with any certification requirements. This enables you to maintain that important direct relationship with your clients and benefit from our expertise in moving coffee efficiently. This means that we handle the full supply chain for you using the expertise that we have and while doing so you will have a major improvement in your working capital.

We offer the following:

    • – Administration: Purchase and sales contracts and shipping instructions which includes expertise on selecting the most cost effective but efficient shipping service.
    • – Payment and Finance: We will pay your producer the price you have agreed in full on receipt of the invoice and bills of lading.
    • – Insurance: We will pay the freight & insure the goods to the value of the invoice or replacement price.
    • – Landing UK (or Mainland Europe): Land the coffee into a UK warehouse of your choice (all landing fees including customs fees/ inland haulage / manual unloading / weighing and palletising / 30 days rent free (and sampling included on request).
    • – Finance: We invoice and release the coffee in quantities that suit the buyer.

Dried Fruit

Sultanas. Raisins. Currants. Mango. Pineapple. Papaya. Banana. Coconut. Ginger. Apricots. Prunes. Dates. Figs. Cranberries. Blueberries. Cherries. Blackberries. Strawberries

Vine fruit: We supply a wide range of products including dried vine fruit, tree fruit tropicals and berries. Our vine fruit include many types of raisins such as Chilean bold, flames and jumbos, Chinese green raisins, Californian and Turkish Thompsons. We also supply sultanas from Chile, South Africa, Australia and Turkey. We source our currants from the Aeghion region of Greece: medium, small and Vostizza.

Berries: We source and produce dried cranberries, blueberries, cherries and blackberries. We can also source dried strawberries. Berry fruits get their colour from the antioxidant anthocyanin which has ensured their growing popularity.

Tree fruit: Whole, pitted and chopped apricots are grown in the Malatya region of Eastern Turkey. Our sun-dried apricots come with or without SO2 and in a full range of sizes, including chopped apricots for ingredients. We source prunes from Europe, the USA and South America. Prunes (dried plums) come in a full range of sizes. Our Ashlock pitted prunes have the stones removed by suction for superior quality. We supply pitted dates for retailers and wholesalers, chopped and paste for bakeries and manufacturers. We source Medjool dates from the USA and Deglet Noor, Zahidi and other varieties from the Middle East. We source figs from the Smyrna region of South West Turkey, we supply all varieties of figs – Natural, Garland, Lerida as well as chopped, diced and paste for manufacturing as well as Mission figs from California.

Tropical fruit: Our mangos, pineapples, papayas and bananas are dried without any other processing and are sourced in Tanzania, Peru and Thailand. We can supply them as low sugar and low sulphur products, in any type of shape or cut size. Our banana chips are sourced from the banana growing regions of the Southern Philippines, where cane sugar and coconut oil are also locally produced.”


Almonds. Brazils. Walnuts. Pecans. Hazels. Cashews

We source whole almonds direct from the growers for shelling and processing in state-of-the-art facilities in California. We produce ground, flaked, nibbed, and blanched according to requirements. Brazil nuts are collected from the Amazon rainforest and shelled in Bolivia, Chile or Peru. We produce midgets, mediums, halves and chopped. Quality is assured at every stage by our South American division before shipment. Our USA Ingredients division uses their local knowledge and experience to source the highest.


Cocoa Beans. Cocoa Butter. Cocoa Liquor. Cocoa Powder. Cocoa Cake

The Cocoa division of TRC can provide Cocoa Beans and Products from all around the world, including West Africa, South America and the Far East from conventional to organic and certified with a wide range of qualities and origins to support our customers’ needs while working closely with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure quality beans and products. TRC Cocoa is a member of the FCC and CMAA, a licensed buyer from Ivory Coast CCC, and a licensed buyer from CMC Ghana with ongoing projects in Ecuador, Peru, and the Ivory Coast. We can provide Cocoa Beans and Products as conventional, Organic, Fairtrade USA, Fairtrade EU and Rainforest Alliance. On the US West Coast, we also have a Cocoa Butter processing plant to provide customers with Liquid Cocoa Butter that is delivered in liquid tankers directly to the customers facilities in the US. For more info visit http://www.trccocoa.com/

Rice & Cereals

Basmati Rice. Brewers Rice. Brown Rice. Flour Quality Broken Rice. Milled Rice. Parboiled Rice. Rice Seed. Rough Rice

Pulses, Seeds and Specialty Crops

Pinto. Cranberry. Black. Adzuki. Kidney. Navy. White. Mung. Lentil

In the USA we specialise in locally grown pinto, cranberry and black beans, which are processed in our facilities in North Dakota and Minesota. We have two factories in China based in Tianjin and Dalian, which process beans and pulses to the highest specifications from growing regions across China. These state of the art processing plants, process adzukis, many varieties of kidney beans, cranberry beans, navy beans, white beans, black beans and mung beans. From our facility in Regina, Canada we produce 4 types of lentils, pinto, navy and black beans using the latest machine technology to ensure consistent high quality. From farm, to processing plant, to the finished product, we control every aspect of the supply chain.

Animal Feed/By-products

Alfalfa Pellets. Beet Pulp Pellets. Citrus Pulp Pellets. Corn Gluten Feed Pellets. Corn Gluten Meal. Cottonseed Meal. Distillers Dried Grain Meal. Rape Seed Meal. Rice Bran. Rice Hulls. Whole and Ground. Rice Mill Feed. Soybean Hull Pellets. Wheat Middlings. Bio-Energy Products