About Us

TRC Specialty Commodities, is a full-service processing, manufacturing, shipping and trading company that specialises in sourcing and delivering key agriculture commodities to producers and end users around the world. We are able to offer personalised purchasing, financing, logistics and distribution services to customers and suppliers through our offices worldwide.

Supply Chain Management

Crop financing

Sourcing produce

Full service

Shipping products

Product delivery

End-user financing

Structured crop financing.

 We are able to offer personalised purchasing.

Providing high-quality export-ready products from our processing facilities.

From single pallets to full container loads to wherever our clients need.

Global clients and end users receive products from all around the world.

Structured end user financing to provide liquidity and surety of supply to our clients.

We offer trade finance solutions throughout the chain
Providing competitive trade finance solutions to manage the supply chain efficiently and securely

Our History

TRC Group was formed in 1993 and has successfully grown from a Rice and Cereal Trading business focused on the Americas to a globally diversified agricultural commodity trading company. It now spans the globe ensuring it is close to its suppliers and clients.

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